Andrew M. Preischel, Chief Consultant

Andrew M. Preischel, Chief Consultant

We understand the diversity of the consumer product manufacturing industry. From water-based household cleaners to oil-based automotive aftermarket additives, there are a variety of markets in which there are high levels of consumer interest. Among the countless expenses associated with being a chemical manufacturer or contract packager is the cost of research and development. Let us be your economical alternative.

The professionals at Chemical Concepts, Inc. specialize in product development. With over 30 years of combined product formulation experience, our team has created thousands of formulas spanning an array of consumer product industries, including:
  • Household & Institutional Cleaners

  • Automotive Aftermarket Additives

  • Industrial, Commercial, Automotive Lubricants

  • Personal Care

  • Coatings

  • Automotive Appearance

  • Paints

  • Structural/Architectural Finishes

  • Repellents

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